He feels in his prime
A little beyond his time.
He thinks he looks younger
Than he is…
The lithe. the young,
gain experience from him…
spoiled, indulged
by the wooing

Poor Predatory man
Always unconsciously  reaching
to touch, to kiss,
hopefully to lay
the pretty young thing.

Rejections begin to gather,
His contemporaries
(woman wise)
practically invisible to our hero,
have seen and marked him,
A Classic.

Sometimes his juvenile pining for the “special one”
begins to be bothersome.
Rejection does not get examined
for unpalatable truths.

Steps are taken
to look younger,
a little hair color,
Even the gym.

Alas, too late.
Join the others
at the local coffee shop
Hang out,
All you grisly old farts.

Those who loved and recognized
are wiser…
are living out their greying years
in companionable …
(who knows.. even sexy???)
No, seriously…
living a life
the dusty lonely old finish line.

Chelsea Bead Lady


Oh Katie,   Chelsea  bead lady

All decked explosively in color

All twisting beads a rainbow color

A workin late from dawn ta darkness

Ya twistin beads a rainbow leather

Ya vests and jacket painted feather…


oh katie, chelsea bead lady


fingertips of warmth and pleasure


ya twistin beads a rainbow leather


a workin late from dawn ta darkness


bead lady twistin time an color


round an square an oblong faded


crystal beads an ancient  jaded


stringin singin finger tappin


lightly laughing softly rappin


in an out all roll ta color


oh katie chelsea bead lady


sharing her colors with a smile




ron kovic, chelsea hotel,  may 1975


Flowing glass in factory

P and T factory

Hello hello hello flowing glass on to my supplier and more on the contact page and m. fgh fgjgj fg f gh.Hello hello hello flowing glass and more and m. fgh fgjgj fg f gh.Hello hello hello flowing glass and more and m. fgh fgjgj fg f gh.

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Neon Tubing

I took this picture of neon tubing flowing at Plowden and Thompson while teaching there a few years ago. The process is fascinating, P+T is one of the only genuine neon tubing manufacturers in the world.

I stay every year with the owners, Barbara and Richard Beadman at their home… a special treat.
In 1907, before I taught my first class we had to import 5 Minor Bench Burners from Canada and set up the work room. There was no kiln and so Richard took specifics from me, a totally unscientific me, and in a few days there it was…handmade, lined with fire bricks, but functioning, even though at the time it had the simplest heat timer.

In 1997, there were only four bead makers I knew of, and two of them had been taught by me at home in Arizona.. that year I taught 25 more, in groups of 5. The following year we had a week intensive at Plowden and Thompson for 40 people with other teachers participating, including Diana East, who had studied with me in Arizona and was now a teacher too. Actually, several of my first pupils are now teachers in the UK, and glass bead making has taken off. Read more

The Story of Five Beads in Africa.

I thought you would like to see this wonderful letter… I do have a photograph of Nancy throwing one bead into Victoria Falls, with a rainbow and the bead clearly flying and I will put it up here as soon as she sends me a copy on my e-mail…

Dear Kate,

When I told you my husband and I were taking a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel
to Africa, you sent me off with five of your wonderful Beads. I was to place each of them in the most beautiful, meaningful location I found in the countries we were to visit. The following is a bit about each Beads placement.

Bead Number One: South Africa

Our first camp was in Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is named Parfuri Camp and, in our opinion, the best camp we stayed in. Perhaps it was because it was our first. Perhaps it was the people. There we found the entire staff very friendly, always cheerful and most eager to help make our stay pleasant, informative and memorable. One woman, Toko, was an absolute dear. She shared many of her native customs with me and spent a lot of her time explaining about her life with her husband, who is Chef at the camp. Her enthusiasm, knowledge of her country and life in general endeared her to me. On our last day there, I presented her with the first Bead. As I placed it around her neck she had tears in her eyes and told me she?d wear it until she died. I was very touched because I believe she will.

Bead Number Two: Botswana Read more

My first glass poem, The Dream.


In the dream
I chased the glass rod
With flame.
Now here I sit, rod in hand
Before its heat…
Glass, slowly softening,
Rotated by shy hand,
Glowing, moving…
My first tear-drops fall.
At last we are together,
Learning Gather and Stress,
Watching small explosions,
The shattering of glass
Heated too fast
In my anxiety to get results.
Slow down…
Take time to learn.

With practised ease
My teacher takes a wand,
The mandrel.
Heating rod,
She slowly winds a bead
A bead,
Before my very eyes…
Time races by,
Colored glass curls round,
Cooling in the soft end
Of the flame.

At the end of the day
My fingers with familiar grace
wed gold and glass,
And, smiling,
See new earrings born…
The dream become reality.