Here are some random pictures of my work and life. Keep visiting this page if you would like to see more images!

Kate's Ear Wire Jig makes simply twisting wires around into French hooks a breeze. Instead of buying them, the cost is simply the length of the wire you use. A few cents! I give you an instruction sheet. So easy.

Kate’s Ear Wire Jig


Drinking at a wedding on a very high hotel balcony in 1964!

Yes, a long time ago I had a production company with my friend Andrew Romanoff in Point Reyes California.

Multi Silver and Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Hair Tie.

Reunited with my mother. Children were evacuated during the war, so we seldom saw our parents.

Me at 6 years old, Just after the end of WW2.

We lived in a converted chicken coup! Tye Dyes all the way. my coat is made of tiedyed chamois leather. I still have it. it's a relic now!

Tie dyes all the way. This was in the summer of 1973. Noah was not even walking yet.

Tie Dyes all the way for me! 1973

Noah’s dad, Scott Deitz.

Plowden and Thompson glass factory in Stourbridge England.

Plowden and Thompson glass factory in Stourbridge England.