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Class schedules and info.

Available classes are:



This will be a two- or three-day session, limited to 4 students, at $250 per day

I keep my classes small so I can give every pupil a lot of care and attention. Students will be selected by me for enrollment in classes on the basis of work samples and experience. I really only want to know how far along any applicant is, so that we can have a well balanced class. Applicants are requested to submit samples of work to: katedwbeads@gmail.com

etsyglasskitThis will be a two day class, 9-5 both days with an hour long lunch break. The class will include the making of cane and latticcino, frit effects, silver leaf work, Dichroic stretching, improvisation, which includes mixing colors for special effects, making beads the same size for earrings if it is needed, some casing,tree beads with landscape, small bottles and lots of experimentation. I will look at your work and help you move forward with your own ideas.

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/KateDrewWilkinson

Most of these filmlets were made over ten years ago, but they still show how I work with stained glass remnants to make beads.

If pupils wish to stay and study for an extra day, this will be possible.

Above all, the classes will be fun and stimulating in many ways. In between torching, we will discuss marketing and anything else that can help you further your goals.


Available Lampwork class dates:

If you are interested please contact me at
Dates have not been finalized for 2015.



Two-day sessions, limited to 10 students, at $175 per day.
Applicants will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.

newone 1 2This two day beginner's class covers learning to use wire working tools, understanding different gauges of wire and why they're used, studying different findings available on the market and how to make them work in jewelry making, relative to the size and weight of different beads.

You will learn to make simple earrings and bar pins, and to combine beads with chain to make professional level jewelry. The class is extremely interactive and I am happy to share my suppliers and contacts with you. The work will be classical and simple. I have learned that pieces made this way are the most wearable and, if you wish, easy to sell. You will be able to use the same techniques to design jewelry with your own lamp work beads, but you will not be using your beads in my class to begin with.

cobalt1We will work with cobalt glass beads at first because you will learn the basics faster if you are not having to make decisions about the size and color of the beads you are using.Later, when the basics have been understood, you can use your own beads if you want to.

Available wire working class dates:

If you are interested please contact me at
Dates have not been finalized for 2015.

(Held in the workshop behind her Uptown Tribal Gallery on Main Street.)


The Schoolhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast, a historic brick school built in 1918 at the peak of Bisbee's mining days, is less than a 5 minute walk to Kate's glass studio
Located one mile west of downtown Old Bisbee in the quiet residential area, the Inn is surrounded by lush green hills and quaint colorful homes.

Schoolhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast 818 Tombstone Canyon Bisbee, AZ 85603 1- (800) 537-4333 (520) 432-2996


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For more information or to sign up for classes, email Kate at katedwbeads@gmail.com !

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Kate's Ear Wire Jig
Kate's Ear Wire Jig