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Could my Somewhat Essentric Ways be Inherited?

Kate Drew-Wilkinson

Posted on October 21 2017

Watching the documentary about Vivian Maiers brought up a memory of my father’s family. Inbred, aristocratic and eccentric.
When one of my aunts, known by the family as “Mad Aunt Alf” died. my father had to go to her apartment in London to take care of things. She spent many of her last years writing something called “The Black Book”, history of the family going back to the 14th Century, but not much of it makes sense, according to my mother.. Another story I know something but little about and I don’t think I ever saw it.. (perhaps my half sister Anne has it…) ANYWAY, My father found that her flat was lined in newspapers nearly to the ceiling creating narrow paths to get to her bed, desk bathroom etc..


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