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Drawing my Way Through my Jewelry Creating Life

Posted on January 21 2018

For ever, I didn’t have a camera. maybe longer than most, so I was in the habit of drawing my jewelry and how- tos for my books. I thought it would be fun to go through some of those now and then.

Remember this photo from another blog called "Showing You a Few Designs in Earrings, Dating Back to the Early 1980s." ?

I was writing a long paper originally for the first wire work class I ever gave, going from my home at the time in a stable outside Oaxaca to Recursos, a big bead conference in Santa Fe. It turned into a big document in a loose leaf binder which was printed and sold to my class. (Anyone have one of those still?) Anyway, I had photographs, but no way to include them in the document.

My then husband, Colin Haynes, a very experienced author, was laying out the typewritten pages on a big table and I would quickly do a drawing to illustrate a point. He would cut it out and paste it onto the layout, so this  

Became this.


I mean, we had no equipment. When it was finished, we took the document to a Mexican "Kinkos" and printed up many copies to put in loose leaf binders to sell at the conference for $24 each. This document eventually became two books, about which, later!

I'm going to show you some of the other illustrations just for fun.

I'ts strange really the way some of us keep going back to do something we worked on many years ago. I did this for the same document in about 1992.

And strangely enough after all those years, just a few days ago I drew the portrait of another necklace for another project. Here it is.

Strange really.


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