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Posted on September 12 2018

Juanetta Hill is a very special lady.
She creates sculptures of the human body. Oh and she has recently created a sculpture of a horses hoof with the hand of its owner lovingly curved around the hoof. It is utterly charming and a treasure. 

Juanetta can now make new casts for other members of the family.

I first met Juanetta when she was offering hand casts at a store nearby. I already had one that was made at a fair about 25 years before.

When I received the new set of hands I was amazed at how they had aged! Of course we do see how hands change over the years but for some silly reason I hadn't noticed it in my case.

Remember how we all had little flat hand casts of our children done when they were little, generally made in their school? Well how touching it is to have a complete mold of a baby, or maybe siblings holding hands? Juanetta makes molds of the tiniest hands. She speaks about how fast they change even by the week. So you see, if you live nearby, it's possible to collect the record of baby hands growing into the future.

Juanetta recently molded the beautiful belly of a pregnant friend.


And now the little girl is born and her first "home" is a testament to the beauty of her pregnant mother.

This art form is fascinating. A young man lost his life in our town a couple of years ago and his Grandmother wanted a death mask. Juanetta shared the experience with his mother, father and sister, each of them helping. A quiet loving experience for them.

Now a local funeral parlor knows about her work.

I have just visited Juanetta's studio. Shelves of white models, hands, faces, pregnant bellies. It's fascinating and thought provoking. I know the people who asked her to sculpt their hands or faces receive the finished pieces, so I imagine she sometimes makes two, so that she has examples to show. I interviewed Juanetta for my own little weekly television show a while back. She told me she is aiming to be the best Life Caster in the World. I do not doubt it.


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