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Posted on April 21 2018

Let's talk about your old silver scrap. If you are like me, there are a number of baggies full of various lengths of wire, broken clasps, beads you bent while working and goodness knows what else, put aside for future resale.
How much is it all worth and how do you get it ready for resale?

First clean it it!

The job is to take out everything that is not silver if you want to get the best recycling price.

I like to wait, even for years if necessary, watching the price of silver fluctuate. Gone I fear are the years, almost decades, when the price per oz was round about $4.75! Prices on precious metals continue to climb.

During those easy years, I tried to stockpile silver findings and wire, but in buying more than I thought I could use, I simply boosted my productivity because the work was so much fun!

I had to open my gallery, “Uptown Tribal” in order to have somewhere to display and sell the jewelry! Be warned… I am a bit like a hamster in a wheel because the work sells fast and I am committed to keeping it going.

That is another story.

Back to the silver scrap. Do some research, go onto the Internet and find the companies looking to buy what you have to sell. Decide whether you want cash back. Some suppliers are happy to exchange silver scrap for wire. If this is the path for you, you will not get weight for weight. As you know, wire is more expensive than silver as it stands. Still, the scrap is just that to you before you gather it up and sell it off. Go for it… lots of lovely new findings or wire is waiting for you at no expense except the envelope and stamp!


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