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Summers. Le Treport in Normandy France.

Posted on November 14 2017

Just a quick happy blog here! I was going to Normandy in France most summers until recently. I dunno, things change, people I knew since childhood and felt welcome in their homes passed on, and even the family I lived with through those summers in Le Treport have separated, the boys of the family scattered into young men lives and my friends Nadine and Fred also choosing other paths. Europe is there, waiting for another visit from me no doubt! Right.

Anyway, here are a couple of images from those days. This one I took during the annual "Festival des Baigneurs", people in historic bathing suits. Beautiful.


Then the fishing nets caught on WW2 metal barriers. I'll bet these net remnants have not been removed since then!

I do miss those many summers, taking off from Bisbee to live in France , speaking their language all day, making beads in Fred and Nadine's glass studio workshop, wandering on the flint pebble beaches.

                Hanging out at a 400 AD Meringovian Archeological dig with friends.

And then the sunsets on the beach, sigh.


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