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  • Thoughts about Life's Journey...

    Thoughts about Life's Journey...
    If we talk about creativity and it's potential manifestation, remember, I have been thr...
  • A Journey in Leather

    A Journey in Leather
    I was living in Manhattan and appearing in the original company of a rather notorious show, “Oh Calcutta”. A friend, Joe Wemple and I were wandering past the window of a trendy boutique and stopped to marvel at a beautiful leather shirt in the window. Way out of our price range. I don’t know why, but something made me tell him I could make one just as beautiful.
  • The Story of Five Beads in Africa

    The Story of Five Beads in Africa
    "When I told you my husband and I were taking a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel to Africa, you sent me off with five of your wonderful Beads. I was to place each of them in the most beautiful, meaningful location I found in the countries we were to visit."