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  • Big Wire & Big Bead Chokers

    Big Wire & Big Bead Chokers

    Dare to be simple! The time has come for a different look in necklace design.

    I am now making necklaces with much thicker wire and larger beads, made to be worn as chokers. Working with wire in these proportions means making a few changes. You will be looking for beads with reasonably large holes, but also finding ways to stabilize these beads. You will also find that the small round silver beads will not fit on different kinds of findings. Don't worry - I have already worked out most of the problems and will do my best to explain them to you.

  • Creating Beads Using Frit

    Creating Beads Using Frit
    What exactly is frit, you may be asking, and how do you make it? Frit is glass, ground to various sizes and used for decorating glass beads.I'm sure there are plenty of ways to make it; I'll just tell you what I know.
  • How to Make a Claspless Hidden Knot Necklace - Video

    I show you how to make a necklace with hidden knots for your tribal or lamp work glass ...
  • How to Make a Knotted Bead Necklace - Video

    I demonstrate how to make a knotted necklace for your beads.
  • How to Make an Egyptian Clasp - Video

    How to Make an Egyptian Clasp - Video
    I show you how to make an Egyptian Clasp in 20 gauge half hard silver wire. Download th...