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Thoughts about Life's Journey...

Posted on October 20 2017

If we talk about creativity and it's potential manifestation, remember, I have been through the wars to get where I am... many years of constant worry about rent and feeding my little boy Noah and keeping my telephone bill paid and working at home, not to mention the fact that I didn't drive until I was 46 and most people cannot imagine what I went through just to get my work into galleries and stores without a car, and having a small boy to walk to school or take with me in the beginning.

I thought I would never live for the day when I could go to bed at night without a nightmare stack of worries to face in the morning. But on top of it all I had to take the time to schlep clothes to the laundromat, carry bags of food from the local store by hand, and all that.. not to mention that I had to MAKE whatever I was selling, whether it was leather work., (and buying the leather was no joke without being able to drive myself to suppliers.. you cannot buy skins on line even if there had been computers..) then daring the designing drawing and printing and packaging of several lines of stationery...  and buying and storing the paper because I was living on a 36 ft houseboat at one point and could not store envelopes, their glue would have been the problem and space was out of the question. Getting them to the flea market with tables etc, risking rain with no car and oh the wind sometimes... Then the jewelry, with the professional presentation necessary to get it into decent shops, the printing of the earring cards etc, before computers and printers were even a reality to me...that's just a peep at the reality I have lived through on my way to becoming a relatively successful artist.


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