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Historic Lamp Work African Trade Bead 1800s


You see, the Romans carried bead making all over Europe.. but in modern times, most of the fine lamp work was made on the island of Murano.. an islands near Venice, to protect the mainland and the wooden houses in Venice from being burned down, after all, melting glass takes a considerable amount of heat..
Bead is old, older that many of the Trade beads we still find in bead stores and through can see by looking closely, how pitted the glass is, and how the design seems to be less than perfect...I would venture the 1800s, but think actually that this bead may have been made in the 1700s. I am always ready to be corrected, but beads have been my main occupation for decades...I learned much from the few real historians in this field years ago.. there were not many experts then and those who loved bead history knew each other as friends...
Anyway. The bead is 20 mm x 17 mm, The necklace is 17 inches long and waiting to be treasured. The bead is STRONG!

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