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Necklace Rare Blue Glass Trade Beads and Sterling Silver.22 ins


Old European trade beads made from a rich blue glass and faceted by hand....the jeweler held each bead against the grinding wheel several times. These beads were probably made in Bohemia, and carried by the Russian fur trade to the Pacific Northwest in the early 1800s. They were also traded in Africa. The Matabele of what is now Zimbabwe bought them to offer to "witch doctors" as a tribute to their great god.

This is a lovely light weight and subtle necklace. The beads are pretty rare these days.  You can see the facets more clearly in the one on my old model "Marie Therese's neck! The necklace has two clasps. Those who know my work will know that they enable you to hang a pendant at the front without the clasps looking like clasps because they hang edge on. Set in pretty Figaro Silver Chain.

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