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How To Be Successful in the Bead Jewelry Business - First Edition

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I believe I only have two copies of this document left in my possession and the other one will go to my grand daughter, Lilah Poppy, when she is older. Maybe you see the price here as much for an old treasure like this, but I value it as, well, the first time I adventured into writing a book, and as one of the first books really tackling the subject! In the early days, there were really very few books available to teach this many aspects of earning a living making bead jewelry. I prepared this for the first Show I was invited to do in Santa Fe, an International Conference in 1992. I gave a class in wire work. I like to believe it was the first wire work bead jewelry class ever given in the USA and have yet to be shown another to disprove it! I taught 25 people! Never again, I simply didn't know that was too many. I brought 100 mimeographed copies of this book just like this , sold them for $25 each, and only had about 12 left at the end of the conference. I'll tell the whole story of the class and this event another time. Anyway, here is the book and I believe that there is a collector out there who has known me for a long time and will smile when she opens the book. I have stolen many chapters for reproduction in the how-to section of the old Lapidary Journal and am now stealing more for my "musings" in my web page store, right here. I did all the drawings because I didn't have a camera.

You will also receive a digital copy to read right away!

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