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Lampwork Bead Jewelry Made Simple DVD by KateDW

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Was featured in the Lapidary Journal years ago. The review was lovely.
"Simply put, this video is a must for every lamp worker, bead maker, and jewelry artist. From the start, Kate tells the viewer her goal is to share concepts: "how to put things together so they're easy to wear, so they last, and to demystify jewelry-making methods."
"I had to resist the urge to press pause and run off to my workshop. Inspiration is certainly a high point of the video."
"Because the video is shot from Kate's perspective, you feel as if you're making each project yourself."
Written by Jane Dickerson
So there you have it, a great review! So find out for your self if the DVD is as great as Jane thought the VHS version was!
Notes from me... this is not about wire work, although I DO show you how to make an Egyptian Clasp...THAT 4 minutes took us 7 hrs to film in such closeup...(I really wanted to show exactly how I do it, because the two piece How-To I published on this for the Lapidary Journal years ago was one of the most asked-for How To wire work articles they ever did.)
I do not use any of the plastic covered threading cords in the film. It is all about using real thread to hand knot beads in the classical way... how to use fine chain,, sliding knots... you know... the useful instructions that can turn lamp work beads into salable jewelry. The film is one and a half hours long and really good for beginners and intermediate bead jewelry designers.

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