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Fine Leather and Beaded Hair Decoration "Hair Ties" 30ins African Trade Beads-


My friends all know about my hair ties. I began making them in the middle 1970s. My son, a baby then loved playing with them when I wore them in my long hair. I spent years searching for the perfect leather that would be fine enough to pass through 2 mm silver beads, turquoise and other beads with small holes. In those days I did not know how to drive a car..(imagine!) and I could always bribe my girlfriends to drive me to the airport or anywhere else in exchange for one of these and many of them still treasure theirs to this day. The leather here is remarkable. I found it at Black Elk in Anchorage Alaska and bought up the whole stash. The leather is strong and will happily survive many shampoos. This means that if a hair tie is in a long slim braid, it can stay there for literally weeks without coming apart, so the braiding does not become a hassle. They are also really sweet as necklaces.


Gather a small amount of hair behind your ear, about a dime sized amount. Or choose the location you prefer!
Take the rest of you hair and tie it or keep it out of the way so that you can begin a thin braid without interference.  Make sure the hair is all from the same location so that you will not have any “tweaks”, hair being caught that could annoy later!
Begin to work on a thin braid. When the doubled leather waiting to be included is about four inches longer than the end of the braid will be, pass it behind the braid, gathering the leather into two of the three sections. Continue braiding down to nearly the end of the hair. Separate the leather from the remaining length of hair. Bind the remaining leather both ways and tie it only once, above the leather bind. Do not make an actual knot because that will be hard to undo when you eventually want to take out the hair tie. This does not have to be daily. The hair tie can stay in you hair for shampoos. When you condition your hair it is wise to hold the braid apart, maybe with your lips, because leather finds conditioning to be a bit intensely!

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