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Tidy Up Stash Beads no2


Right, let's have fun. I'm already offering my mystery boxes and the similar single pouches but I think we will both have fun with these clear bags full of all kinds of beads and findings. Take this one. What do I see here? .A bar pin in Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystal made by me years ago. A tiny stone pebble bead from Africa, some other trade beads. a large Porcelain heart pendant, a metal annular bead from Ethiopia, a couple of funny little wooden beads,Unakite, Poppy Jasper,  pink Swarovski drop ...Who knows what else! Of course the African trade beads were made in Murano many moons ago! This collection would augment the collections in my Mystery bags too.. Remember, I have been collection beads of over 40 years. Wow..

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