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Swarovski Vintage Jet #5205 15 x 8mm Rare


I have been working with Swarovski Crystals for about 40 years. I am now turning mainly to making my own Lamp Work glass beads and writing, so, it's time to turn my crystal beads over to you! 

I already knew, but had to check to see if this size in Jet #5205  15 x 6mm were even available. I have found none so far. Funny thing is, in about 1982, I was competing with a couple of other designers and I had this bead in many of my products. I had the opportunity to buy 40 gross, and I took it! No wonder there aren't many around. I gather that the Swarovski factory when they were fleeing the Nazis and had to leave, smashed the machine that made this particular shape. I don't know how true this is..but it might account for the relatively short supply even today..or maybe they are remaking them? Very hard to find the Jet and these are exquisite in any Crystal Earring.

They are vintage and rare, especially in mint condition. I bought out the factory that made my jewelry  in the mid 1980s. The factory was in Point Reyes, California and my partner in their production was my friend Andrew Romanoff. We eventually had about 300 accounts and through a marketing company called Salesman's National Brokerage, had 16 reps in the field. This is in the past now. Sigh. But these beads are so rare and make the most beautiful earrings and necklaces.

PS, I notice one manky one in the middle of the picture.. I'll replace it!

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