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Rare African Millefiore Trade Bead Necklace Late 1800s

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"African Millefiore Trade Bead Necklace Late 1800s   Beautifully raked, this is indeed a treasure, and hard for me to let go of! So much soul. These beads have an amazing history. You only have to Google African Trade Beads and yoiu will find not only their history but growing value. More and more collectors are searching them out. Sometimes there is a tiny chip or two at the very sides, but they are almost invisible and you just have to contemplate the lives they have led, Traveling across great oceans to be valued and danced in! Those of us who make glass beads are still enchanted and amazed at the workmanship going into these beads in the days when the tools were much more basic and the flame did not shoot out of a state of the art torch the way it does today. Thank goodness for Google. All can be revealed!"
~ Kate

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