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African Trade Turquoise Glass Beads with Pendant | Choker Necklace

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This is a really fun necklace. The length is 18 inches.

It can be worn in two different ways. First as a choker, simple and for every day, with a t shirt, or a dress...The two clasps would sit at the nape of the wearer's neck, not visible.

Then the necklace can be turned around allowing the two clasps to be used in hanging a pendant. I have included a pendant here and am presenting them as a set. The necklace will look longer on this model but it is a choker. 

Of course the pendant can also be worn with a simple chain. The clasps will be hanging "end on" so they do not look blatantly like clasps. You have to use your imagination to see how good this looks when worn! I think it would be lovely easy gift for someone going off to college but that's just how I see things...Oh and if you already collect my pendants, here is a new way to wear them! The matte yellow glass bead in the pendant is very old: mid 1880's.

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