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Antique, Rare and Vintage Green Bohemian Pressed Glass Bead

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"Green Very Antique, Rare and Well Worn Bohemian Pressed Glass Bead.   Just look at the wear on this bead! When I showd my first one to a collector at the first International Bead Conference on the Queen Mary in about 1989 ( and by the way there were no contemporary lamp work beads there except from Murano, the movement here had not begun yet.) This old man handled it and told mne that these beads were made with real Emerald in the glass. presiably emerald that came off jewels being cut. This bead is not onluy very collectable, but it has the most wonderful feel, or vibration if you like. Imagine what it took to break down the surface like this. I would so like this bead to show me it's story. I capped it in special hand made Silver bead caps. It can be hung on black cord if  you prefer. the cord has two sliding knots so it can be worn at various lengths. This bead is much larger than it looks here. More than one inch across. Faceted too. Marvelous."
~ Kate

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