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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Egyptian Clasp Sterling Silver Wirework by Kate Drew-Wilkinson


I can make this clasp in any size and I do.I have put an image up here of how I use them for doll jewelry. This is not available to buy from this entry though, it is just to show you. So. There is a very useful online book by Interweave which has just come out and I have a chapter in it about how to make this Egyptian Clasp. You would have to buy and download the book.It is worth it, some very nice items to further your design abilities! You can actually follow me making one on YouTube. It comes in two parts, here's the link for the hook and you can then check out the "eye". Here is the clasp demonstrated in these two links. It can be good to have a sample handy perhaps.. This one is made with 18 gauge Sterling Silver wire. This style of clasp, safe and secure is ideal if you are making tribal jewelry or using historical beads. You can also flare the loops and make the clasp into "Frogging.."

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