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Where to start. Well. I have worked as a self supported artist all my adult life.
That is no easy life choice but works for me. I was born and raised in England and spent most of my childhood in boarding schools. That was the way things were done by families like mine in those days.

As soon as I could leave home I traveled as much as I could, returning always to Chelsea, on the King’s Road in London and those were marvelous times. The late 1950s and early 1960s. Google. Early Rock and Roll, the very young Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Hollies..I could go on… we were all young together and life was such a special experiment.

After graduating from the Old Vic theatre school, a difficult and special drama academy, and after some theatre experience in Repertory, and some time living in Rome, where I worked in film, including extra work on “Cleopatra”, of Liz Taylor fame. So much fun in those costumes and makeup!

In 1966 I moved to Hollywood. I was invited to run a small fashion  boutique on Sunset Strip. This was a different phase in my life, filled with experimentation and magic. You can Google those days too!
I lived on Larrabee, above the Strip, just about walking distance from all kinds of fascinating developments in music, night life and constant adventure.
Then things started to really rev up. In 1968, I moved to New York, where I was cast in the original company of a notorious and controversial stage production named “Oh Calcutta.” Yes, you can Google this too!

After being in the show for 14 months, I knew I was through with Show Business. It is no fun to be recognized all the time wherever you go, and being in New York in that show gave me a taste of what that would be like if I continued to act. Also, one has very little freedom because you have to be at the beck and call of your agent and I am definitely a freewheeling kind of lady. This is enough about me for the time being, but there will be more, I can assure you, so if this beginning amuses you, check in again in a while.