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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

African Trade Bead Brown and Yellow on Two Knot Cord


People talk about chipped beads being just fine, but I always wanted to see mine back in good shape.. The Glass Art in them is so historic and has inspired many of us who have take up making Lamp Working beads ourselves. Some of the beads in my collection were put aside by me for a long time because I like to offer beads that are unbroken, however old and historic they are. Now a friend cuts off the chips, refinishes them, I make an easy two knot necklace for easy wearing, and out they go to travel on, treasured again. There is something special about this work. I see some of us reproducing historic beads but really not these for some reason...These beads are steadily becoming more rare as collectors become ever more appreciative!

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