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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

African Trade Bead Earrings White With Rose and Blue Latticcino Dots, Glass and Sterling Silver


I've been collecting and studying the history and sources of Trade beads now found mostly in Africa, having journeyed there on great trading ships over centuries. You can find your own way into this fascinating story by simply Googling"African Trade Beads'. You will also find the value of these beads. They used to be easier to find, but over the past few decades they have become very collectable and the number of people becoming interested in beads in general have been searching them out. I got a good start, beginning my collection over 40 years ago. It has shrunk considerably as I offer them to you through my gallery and online. The holes in these beads vary because of the way they are made so I have to improvise in the construction of earrings to make them match. I can always substitute the French hooks for Lever Backs. I made them with my one hand made Head pins. Makes them more ethnic! This particular bead design is very old, perhaps 17th Century. Rare and hard to find.

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