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African Trade Bead New Collection No 1


"Welcome to my new African Trade Bead Collection!
This is a really beautiful trade bead. Made in the late 1800s or early 1900s, it is large, in great condition and interesting because the design was made with traditional Murano Lamp Work, and before it was finished, the design was raked and then smoothed in the flame to make the colors flow. I am a collector and this is a bead I have treasured for many years. I have centered it in a collection of classical Ethiopian Aluminium beads, made from old pots and pans, and copper hishi made by the Giriama Tribe from Kenya. also traditional. This necklace can be worn in different lengths because the beads are strung on black cotton cord with two sliding knots.

When I name sources, it is fun to go and research them...the Internet has so much more information about Tribal beads than in the past and it is a fascinating subject, especially as many of these beads are becoming more and more difficult to find."
~ Kate


Materials:  Copper, Trade Bead

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