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African Trade Bead Ready to Wear on Cord #1


 "This historic glass Millefiore trade bead is simply hung on a cord with two sliding knots so it can be immediately used as a necklace, but of course a designer can cut it apart and use it in one of their pieces.
Venetian Trade bead, in wonderful condition. I do not wash or oil my trade beads because I want you to feel their travels and adventures as they were carried in the holds of ships to Africa to be used in trade. They usually come to the USA to be sold by African bead traders. I have been buying from these wonderful men for about 40 years. I have watched the value of these beads climbing steadily as the collectors treasure them.
As the years go by they have been harder to acquire, especially in good condition."

Materials:  Copper, Lead-Free Pewter, Trade Bead,

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