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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

African Trade Beads, Rare.


An interesting little group of beads, The White one with Roses. not easy to find any of these these days. The Chinese are reputed to being collectors of various old trade beads and it is said that in a couple of years, most will be even harder to obtain.. never mind, here we are, The white one is Venetian. The Clear Amber up on the right. It's my opinion that it is early Dutch, what i refer to as a 'Waterlooplein" They are generally Turquoise glass but this has the vibe. Just my opinion though. It is a handsome bead indeed. The white striped one, is missing stripes. That is because the glass fell out over time, the two different colors were not the same co - efficiency. Would take to long to explain further, but beads made then often suffered thus, but that is what makes them so fascinating,,,

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