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African Tradebead Necklace #1


"I have collected trade beads for many years and in this necklace there are only the very best rare and special beads. It is strung on a very reliable and thick cord. You cannot see the knots inside the beads but they are there for extra strength, The copper hishi is made by the Giriama tribe in Kenya. These beads have led extraordinary lives, the oldest traveling by the ton as ballast in the great ships of the East India Company in the 1600 and 1700s or simply used in trade over a couple of centuries. I buy them from African traders. The necklace is 24 inches long. No clasp. simply drop it over your head! This necklace is marvelously strong. I have yet to break mine, which I have worn for years. I am drawing a portrait of this necklace and will give you the original with information on every bead on the chart."
~ Kate