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Ancient Granite Beads and Sterling Silver | Necklace


You would be wearing a necklace made with the foundation material of our Earth!
These Granite Beads were found in Djenne Mali.
They have been dated 200 BC to 300 AD. When I receive them, strung on raffia in the traditional way beads come from Africa, I have found dirty glass Roman beads occasionally on a strand which are dated the same.
This Granite is also called Gneiss.
The links are from an old Afghani chain. I have had several in my possession for decades and sort of ignored them because they seemed .. well too funky for what I was doing then, Now I discover the workmanship in this chain. A basic metal, but these links are so so strong, each one soldered and then bent into the shape to accommodate the next link. Fiddly to work with but I have fallen in love with their strength and ethnic feel I made and Egyptian Clasp here, to keep the design the way you see it.
18 inches long.