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Bead Making Supplies Spectrum Glass Bead Making Set by Kate Drew-Wilkinson



by Kate Drew-Wilkinson

The difficulty in starting to work with any flat glass scrap is knowing what to buy.
Scrap stained glass is extremely inexpensive and sometimes free! Those stores which supply stained glass to the public, generally have bins of remnants. Because compatibility of the glass is not a factor in making stained glass pictures, sorting it into the different brands, ie, separating Bullseye from Specrum might be a waste of time for them.
When I teach bead making with scrap glass, I supply my pupils with this kit.
The color selection here is perfect for seascapes, landscapes, trees and any other moods you might want to turn into beads. You will see why when you watch the films... Each piece is 3 ins x 6 ins and you would be surprised to know how many stringers, latticino and beads you can make with this collection. Each piece of glass has the correct name and color listed on the top and you can save these for future reference. I can include the Hemostat and cutter at no extra price. If you become enamored with this kind of bead making, you may be able to persuade your local stained glass supplier to throw the particular brand of glass you choose to work with into your own special bin.
The kit took quite a bit of assembling, but it is wonderful to know that all the glass is System 96 Spectrum and that you can immediately begin the adventure without fear!
It could be a useful gift for someone who already makes beads with glass rods and wants to embrace the changes in color mixing and texture and economy that this glass provides.