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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Bohemian Pressed Glass SnakeBeads 9mm Green


I'm going to be selling a whole collection of Snake Beads. If you love them, please look closely at any colors and sizes you want to combine. They come in different shapes and are beautiful if you get it right! These are 9mm Bohemian Pressed Glass and are rare these days. The ones I am offering are in wonderful condition. But here, in looking closely, you will find a there are subtly two different styles. Perfect for wearing just as is because unless you look closely, it's difficult to spot. But I need you to know what you are getting if you are going to combine the beads with other colors.I will be selling more colors like this, but want to make sure you see them. The length of the actual beads on the strands average about 24 inches, but the whole strand is made so that you can wear them just as is as a necklace. This means that with the raffia at the top they are 28 inches..

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