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Borosilicate Bead By Don Sneider Kate's private collection


Don Schneider is one of the original glass bead makers in the USA. He continues to teach and is a most wonderful artist. I just found this photograph in an old copy of Ornament Magazine. I am there on the left and Cay Dickey, another of the very first glass bead makers is on the other side of Don. I am now selling off my collection of the works of many friends and fellow glass workers. I am getting older and I do not want a box of beads rattling around in my home when, by paying attention to their distribution and history, the beads can reach new appreciating collectors. Of course I am selling them rather than giving them away, but that is the way it has to be!
I think some creative person could use this bead on a lariat.. but, not being a cowgirl, I am not certain how this traditional neck piece really works..hmm
~ Kate

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