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Bracelet and earring set in amethyst glass and silver


The "Melon" glass beads in this set are old and rare, though they look as if they were made today!
Made in Germany I believe, they are melon cut, a soft Amethyst color and strung on the exceptionally strong and durable 1.5 mm Stretch Magic. This thickness is so very much stronger and less pliable than the 1 mm often used in bracelet making. I have learned to trust this way of making my bracelets… after all, I have been making jewelry for over 30 years… and never thought I would want to string special and rare beads on mere elastic!
The beads are spaced with lovely little silver bead caps, and look at the little silver tubes with edges that come to meet the bead caps. The bracelet is average in size, probably about 7 1/2 inches.. difficult to measure after it is made! The earrings hang 30 mm below their silver hooks and the silver bead on the bracelet has two flowers on it…

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