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DVD Making Beads With Stained Glass Remnants by KateDW


MAKING BEADS WITH STAINED GLASS REMNANTS Pt 1 We are happy to bring you the first of my two instructional films on lampworking with stained glass remnants in DVD format. Here you have 1 ½ hours of instruction on how to melt those little flat scraps of glass into beautiful beads. The most important thing to know is that you must use pieces with the same co-efficiency because the chemical structure is different in most makes of glass. Here I am working with Spectrum, which is 96 COE, but you can use your Bullseye glass or any other kind so long as you don’t mix them. You will learn how to make quite simple beads and I know you will love the process! You will be able to return to different chapters again and again. Many of you have moved on from the VHS format, and it was time to make my films available in DVD format. The teaching contained here will give you wings!

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