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DVD Making Beads With Stained Glass Remnants Pt 2 by KateDW


MAKING BEADS WITH STAINED GLASS REMNANTS Pt 2 Now you have become familiar with the wonderfully creative process of melting and mixing colors from your box of stained glass scrap, it is time to move on to some more advanced techniques. In this DVD I show you how to make a tree bead, a small bottle for holding some Essential oils and other exciting designs. This DVD is also 1 ½ hours of calm and unthreatening instruction. I have many friends who have become professional glass bead makers with the help of my two instructional glass DVDs. I went into using and teaching this method of making beads with stained glass scrap because there are many of you out there who have boxes of the stuff piling up under tables and in cupboards in your stained glass studios. I believe it is true to say that it often eventually gets tossed because the scraps are too small and you are moving on too fast with windows, lamps and occasional slumped pieces of jewelry to attend to those thumb-nail sized scraps. If you have made the move into bead making, wash them and punty up several colors at the same time, melt them in the flame and wind the glass around your mandrel, miracles can happen!

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