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Red Dwarf Eye Bead | Lamp Work Eye Pendant


"Yes, I too look into my beads to see what I can see. Of course this is an eye bead. Collectable, People have been seeking eye beads out for many centuries in the believe that they have protective energy. Anyway, the Sun seems to be being swept into cosmic clouds, and I thought of the Red Dwarf Ross 128b in the papers this week. Yes, I know, I have a happy imagination, but those who collect my beads are always pointing out these things to me too! I will hang this bead on a black cord with two sliding knots if you ask, no extra cost, but makes it immediately wearable."
~ Kate

A stunning collectable Eye Bead, with a distant Red Dwarf star, perhaps, with life looking down at us from afar. Unique, and handmade in Bisbee, Arizona, this lamp work glass pendant is in a class of Kate's own.