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Flower Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace


I've had these beads hidden away for many years! I am going through the dusty boxes in my attic lately to find fresh ideas and of course it is so rewarding because i have been buying and collecting beads for decades, and live near Tucson, where the great beads are to be found in early February. These flower beads are made of glass and the colors are extraordinary. I am making earrings too and will have them up very soon! This necklace is 24 inches long. of course you can shorten it by simply wearing some of the beads down your back and catching one of the silver rings with a clasp. Oh and there are two clasps because that allows you to hang a pendant at the front. Those of you who know my work know how well the clasps work, being sort of "end on" when clipped, so they do not catch the eye as being hooks. Enough.

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