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Granite Bead Ancient Indeed


This Granite bead is very special. First of all, I'll tell you about it. It is a form of Granite called Gneiss. The bead was made and worn between 200BC and 300AD in Djenne, Mali, on the West Coast of Africa. When I acquire these beads from African Bead dealers, I sometimes find ancient Roman Glass Beads in the Strand, so dirty that they looked like the Granite and are slipped onto the strand. This bead is particularly romantic because if you look closely you will see that the stone has been worn away on the hole on both sides because it was worn for so long on something perhaps abrasive and simply wore away. One has to wonder about this, who wore it, what life that person led... Granite is the foundation stone of Mother Earth. A truly Magical Bead.

You can see the size of it by comparing it to the Dime

Materials: Granite Stone and Cotton Cord

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