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Granite Stones on Two Knot Cord


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Some people simply like to wear a stone bead or even three!  Stones that are maybe an element they relate to. So this is Granite, a particular kind called Gneiss. The foundation stone of Mother Earth. What's lovely here is that they are different colors.

What is marvelous about this bead is that it comes from Djenne in Mali, West Africa. The age of this bead is 200 BC to 300 AD. I'm able to make it available easily to you because I have collected them for about 30 years, so I have many. What a marvelous simple and magical bead! 

Of course you can easily cut the bead free and include it in a design piece of your own...

You can see the sizes of these pieces in comparison to the dime.

Length: " 

Materials: Granite, Black Cotton Cord.)

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