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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Hair Ties 14 ct Gold and Pearls Katedw


Pearls and 15 ct Gold Fill!! I'm doing a sale until the end of January. They are hard to make and the leather is rare. This is good braiding for about 6 to 9 inch hair...he leather here is remarkable. I found it at Black Elk in Anchorage Alaska and bought up the whole stash. The leather is strong and will happily survive many shampoos. This means that if a hair tie is in a long slim braid, it can stay there for literally weeks without coming apart, so the braiding does not become a hassle. They are also really sweet as necklaces, and come in the little gift box. This is sooo cool..For lovely long hair. The tie is 36 inches long, so perfect for longer hair..15 inches for instance...

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