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In 1982 an Afghani Antiquities dealer called Abdul Wais came to my studio in the ICB building in Sausalito to visit me, having heard that I was a collector of ancient beads. I bought a plastic bag of dusty 4000 year old Indus Valley beads from him that day and from then on, continued to send him payments on the debts I accrued as my passion for his beads grew and so did his trust in me!
We began our own special game. From time to time he returned to Afghanistan to acquire treasures for his bead and antiquities business and I would give him $400 ( a lot of money for me at the time) up front in order to acquire another dusty bag of beads and dirt!
The system worked like this. After buying his treasures, there would be a sack of beads and dust gathered unsorted by the dealers. Abdul had to give the dealer an unzipped small plastic bag to hold. Abdul would cup his hands, dip into the sack and scoop out as much as his cupped hands could hold, and tip them into the baggy, zip it up and bring it to me un-examined!
In the bag would be these beads, gravel and still ancient dust jamming many of the holes.
I collected beads through Abdul for many years, sometimes a few at a time.
I developed a funny little habit along the way. As a result of the travels throughout my life in the ancient cities along the coast of Tunisia, I loved the smell of ancient dust and as I picked the holes clean in the 4000 year old beads, I would sometimes snort the dust!
Through the years I held on to the collection not wanting to sell or do anything with them. I simply felt like their guardian. I made a necklace for myself which I have frequently worn for about 35 years. I also have a most amazing necklace which he had put together. took me a long time to pay that one off!
So now I am making these earrings and offering them to you.
Simply treasures.
Indus Valley 4000 year old beads combined with Sterling Silver, Copper, and a few French Brass beads.
I want to mention, if by chance you question my price here, please go on line and research "Indus Valley Beads'. It's always good to learn more about the fact that we even have such lovely beads of such age and history still available!