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Indus Valley Stone Bead 4,000 Yr Old Very Rare | Necklace


"Thirty years ago I was fortunate enough to buy a collection of beads from a very reputable dealer in antiquities. He has remained a dear friend. His land of birth, Afghanistan. The beads came from the Indus Valley civilization, where the river Tigris and Euphrates meet, source of the Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures.
Beads were produced in various shapes, sizes and materials by superb craftsmen, dating back to 4000 BC. My beads have been dated by Peter Frances Junior, though I already knew their source. They are 4000 years old. I have kept the collection together, not intending to sell the beads. Now the time has come. Bead collectors are now able gain knowledge about these rarest of beads thanks to some great historians.
Beads of the World by Peter Francis Junior
Collectible Beads by Robert Liu
The History of Beads by Lois Sher Dubin
Magical Ancient Beads by Jamey D.Allen.

Now, as a result of conflict in the area, to put it mildly, there will be no more opportunities for these kinds of beads to be collected.
Dating ancient stone beads is not easy. Sometimes it comes down to knowing from whom it was bought. This comes from a source I have trusted both in reputation and friendship for so long. It is a treasure, take care of it... a good piece for a man I think. I deliberately put it out without embellishment. A simple black cotton cord with two sliding knots.
I don't know what stone this is but I suspect some kind of Jasper.
If you want to know more about these, just Google 'Ancient Bead Production"."
~ Kate