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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Kate Drew-Wilkinson's Mystery Box.


Choice... One-time purchase You should see my attic! Beads, threads, useful findings, bead caps, and often one of my instruction sheets. Here is an example, in the photo, and each box will be different as I go through my treasures to beguile you. The is not a box of kits although sometimes there will be enough beads for a necklace, complete with thread clasp and anything else I think you need. This mystery box is to introduce you perhaps to things either annoyingly missing from a project you have in mind, or to introduce you to some items that inspire you to take your work in another direction. I will often include an instruction sheet or a chapter stolen from one of my books. Mystery and Fun are the two words that most illustrate this monthly collection of surprises. I'm going to label the little bags inside carefully. When you know the source or material of beads, it helps in using them in design, or finding more of the same online. I suspect there may be people out there who are discovering the enchantment of working with beads in jewelry or other art forms who would like help in this area. Thank you for coming on this exciting new journey with me. Kate xx

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