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Kate's Treasures Imperial Yellow Peking Glass Earrings


A pair of some of my first earrings, made when Noah was 4 years old. He is now 45 years old. I was making my ear hooks at that time. But what is interesting about these earrings is this. The glass beads are very rare Imperial Yellow. This color at the time these were made was only allowed in glass inside the Imperial Palace. Later and now, yellow is used more frequently but these are very old. I have put them together with the little old silver bells and they tinkle as you wear them. I have worn them over these 40 or so years. So magical, so rare. Soulful. Again, I only had four of these beads and the other two have gone on their way.  I am selling off some of my personal collection. I've only got two ears and really, I need to send some of my favorite earrings on their way.

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