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Lamp Work Bead by Dan Adams.


In the early 1990s I collected beads from a number of Lamp work bead artists. I cannot always remember the name of the artist but have treasured the beads all these years. Now it's time to let them find new homes. This bead is made by Dan Adams and I think I bought it in about 1989. Dan Adams has been partnered with Cynthia Toops for over 30 years now, but I met them I think, at the first Gathering in Prescott and bought this bead. This time I remember them clearly!

I have treasured it for many years. The two of them have gone from strength to strength so owning one of Dan's early beads has been a pleasure.  It is matte and tasty! 

I can set it as a pendant at a price if you like! It is simply, a collectable for those who search out the early works by us.

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