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Lamp Work Bead Collectable Early Tom Holland


Yes, this is a special collectable bead and I am having a hard time letting it go. I am opening up my private collection, gathered over about 20 years.
I am growing on in years and do not want the collection to end up in a box with no-one knowing the history and nomenclature of the beads.
I bought this bead at a Recursos Show in Santa Fe in about 1998 or 1999.. I bought it from Tom Holland. It is a very special bead and if he saw it now he would remember it.
To make a bead this large with a white stringer, demanded a very long one. I remember him telling me that this particular bead cracked as he was making it and he had to re-heat it almost to flowing in order to remove the crack. He used to demo this bead because it took discipline.
He showed how to stretch a stringer by using two long rods so that they could be separated into a goodly distance in stretching the glass between them..
I hope you understand..
So. I have owned it and carried it through my life for 18 years.
I do not hesitate to give it the value listed. It is definitely a wonderful bead and Tom will understand and approve of this entry!

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