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Lamp Work "Dare To Be Simple " Series. Matte Rose Glass and Sterling Silver


This is very special glass from Plowden and Thompson, a 16th Century Glass Factory in Stourbridge, England. It has been sold now, so this glass is all I have.. I imported it after giving the first of my annual classes there, starting in the late 80's.
Getting this color involves using real gold. I am not a chemist so can't explain more but it is warm, beautiful and the most subtle Raspberry Rose color. I matted it to add to it's charm and as you wear it, your skin oils will not darken it of course, but make it even more beautiful... I am able to put a lower price on the earrings because the long beads are safe Pewter. I tumbled the Pewter beads for a couple of days in Walnut Shell to make sure they hold up and they came out smiling!
The necklace is strung on black leather with a Sterling Silver clasp. Imagine wearing these together. Smart, subtle and easy..."Dare to be Simple" is the name of this fuss, simply chic.