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Lamp Work Face Bead Other Artist


When I put up these beads and someone recognizes the artist, let me know and I will list it. I know the artists who made most of these but my memory is failing on names alas.

In the early 1990s I collected beads from a number of Lamp work bead artists. I cannot always remember the name of the artist but have treasured the beads all these years. Now it's time to let them find new homes. This bead has marvelous cane work, each flower has a little face. I remember when i was hanging out at Arrow Springs years ago and Loren Stump lived nearby, He would simply teach us how to make cane even though the classes were not official and were part of being invited to hang out there with Craig and Donna. Those were the early days.  When and if I remember the name of this artist, I know her perfectly well.. I will list it. She was there in the same situation as me when we made face cane with Loren. She simply used hers here. This memory thing is frightening.

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