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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Lamp Work Glass Bead By The Great Patrick Stern. Matte and Magical, one of my favorites!


To know Patrick Stern is an honor, and I am delighted to say I do indeed, I first met him at the Second International Bead Conference in Washington DC at the Mayflower Hotel. We were both showing and I was also teaching two classes. I then knew him in England when we both did demonstrations at the National Glass Center in Sunderland, England. I was just doing my little glass thing, but to watch Patrick working is bliss. He works in ways completely different from anyone else. When he makes cane, it is made on a large steel surface near to the glory hole and in no way the way we work here on a torch. Actually he does not make beads on a mandrel either.l He packs the glass around a mandrel and heats it into submission. I can't say he does not work on a mandrel with a torch the way we do, actually, but I remember hime telling me when he first met me about how he works. He and his brother have a workshop in Brixton and I have visited him there. Patrick began making smaller pieces when making the larger pieces became too heavy for him. I cannot remember why. He is shy and I treasure memories of being in his company. It is difficult for me to be selling this bead but I am determined to send my precious collection out one at a time until the beads have gone to good homes.

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