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Lamp Work Glass Chevron Bead #2


In the early 90's I began collecting the work of some of the new bead makers in this country. These years were the beginning of an awakening in the art of glass bead making. I wanted to show the works in a museum somewhere, and spent several years working on gathering many pieces. Eventually the exhibition opened in the Musee de France in Berck sur Mer, Picardy, France. A large collection from my original show of beads by many artists is on permanent display. It took years to make this happen. The theme was "Sea Wind and Sand" so the remaining collection I am offering here are beads that did not fit the description and it is time for me to let some of them go. This is a very special bead by the great Chevron maker, Art Seymour.
You can find other beads by him in Etsy because he has a store...
This is one of his quite early Chevrons. It has eight layers, a large hole and it will be a wonderful addition to any serious collection of contemporary lamp work beads.
Fact is I am growing older and want to sell much of my collection of other artist's work and not leave these treasures in a box on a shelf.. I know you know what I mean.